The Menopause Expert - Rebecca Hulem

Rebecca Hulem Woman's Health & Wellness Speaking Topics

Menopause Specific Topics:

  • Feelin' Hot: A Humorous, Informative & Truthful Look at Menopause
  • No Bones About It: Osteoporosis the Silent Killer
  • Weight No More: Weight Management after 50
  • Stuck in Hormone Hell: Hormone Therapy Options
  • Female Sexuality and Aging:  Where Oh Where Did My Libido Go?
  • Every Woman Loves a Compliment: Complementary & Alternative Menopause Therapies
  • While You are Not Sleeping: Causes and Treatments for Sleep Disturbances

Other Women's Health & Wellness Topics:

  • Teenage Health & Wellness: Boosting Self Esteem & Helping Teens Make Healthier Choices
  • PMS: Help! What are my options?
  • Birth Control in the new Millennium
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: How do we stop them?
  • Pregnancy after 40: What are the Risks?
  • Postpartum Depression: The "New Baby" Blues - It's Not All In Your Head
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