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Rebecca has traveled throughout the United States and Canada speaking professionally to women of all ages on topics of women’s health and wellness.

All of Rebecca’s speaking topics on menopause and women's health programs can be customized to fit your needs.

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"I attended Kaiser’s Woman’s Celebration in Lodi where you spoke.  Thank you for the talk and a copy of your book.  I have re-read it again and am now sending it to my sister.
I had the symptoms of stress, depression, insomnia, hot flashes, overwhelmed at work, unhappy, weight gain, too much alcohol use, no exercise, etc., (you know, it’s all in your book!). Since May, I have used a combination of regular exercise, listening to self improvement and relaxation CDs, Weight Watchers, self improvement seminars, and a decision to be alcohol free. For me, regular exercise is the key to my well-being.  I feel much better and have reduced most of the symptoms.  
Your talk was part of my inspiration that I could take steps to take back control of my life.  Your talk was the first time it occurred to me that my symptoms were part of menopause and had a biological basis and not just me unable to handle all of life’s events.  Thank you so much for speaking and giving us a copy of your book.”
- B. Burns California 

Menopause Speaker Topics:

  • Feelin' Hot: A Humorous, Informative & Truthful Look at Menopause
  • No Bones About It: Osteoporosis the Silent Killer
  • Weight No More: Weight Management after 50
  • Stuck in Hormone Hell: Hormone Therapy Options
  • Female Sexuality and Aging:  Where Oh Where Did My Libido Go?
  • Every Woman Loves a Compliment: Complementary & Alternative Menopause Therapies
  • While You are Not Sleeping: Causes and Treatments for Sleep Disturbances

Other Women's Health & Wellness Topics:

  • Teenage Health & Wellness: Boosting Self Esteem & Helping Teens Make Healthier Choices
  • PMS: Help! What are my options?
  • Birth Control in the new Millennium
  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases: How do we stop them?
  • Pregnancy after 40: What are the Risks?
  • Postpartum Depression: The "New Baby" Blues - It's Not All In Your Head

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