The Menopause Expert - Rebecca Hulem

"Menopause Symptoms and Soy:  Feeling Better with Revival Soy"

By Rebecca Hulem, RN, RNP, "The Menopause Expert"

I'm often asked by women in menopause to recommend products that will relieve their menopause symptoms without putting their health at risk for further problems.

Until now this has been difficult to answer because quite frankly most of the products on the market that target women in menopause over promise results that do not materialize. I am reluctant to recommend many products, but every once in awhile I come across a product I am excited to tell women about.

Recently, I discovered Revival Soy Protein and I am very impressed with the high levels of isoflavones in each of the products as well as the fact that the product has been used in research at leading medical institutes.

Revival Soy was developed by Dr. Aaron Tabor, MD because his mother was having a miserable time with menopause and she wanted a natural solution. As a physician he knew there must be another way he could solve her menopausal issues. Dr. Tabor began creating products with his mother in 1998 and now heads up the company and their extensive product line of bars, shakes, soy chips, nuts and pasta.

I am not alone with my recommendation for Revival Soy. Many well known physicians that specialize in menopause such as Dr. Christiane Northrup also highly recommend this product. I figure I'm in great company!

Read the articles in the Health Library and see what I mean.

Revival products can easily be ordered online directly from their web site or by calling their toll free number,

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