The Menopause Expert - Rebecca Hulem
"Feelin' Hot?"
Your Own Personal Mini-Menopause Manual

What happened to my sex drive?
Should I take hormones?
Why am I gaining weight?

Rebecca Hulem's insightful book, "Feelin' Hot?" provides answers to these burning questions and many more. Rebecca is an RN, RNP and Certified Menopause Clinician. She unravels the myths and mystery of menopause, simply and directly answering the questions your doctor never has time for.

Why am I having memory loss?
(See Chapter 2, Perimenopaus...Also Known as Where Did I Put My Keys?)

Why do I have so much trouble sleeping?
(See Chapter 3, While You Are Not Sleeping.)

Why do I have no interest in sex?
(See Chapter 4, Where or Where Did My Libido Go?)

Should I be taking hormones?
(See Chapter 5, Stuck in Hormone Hell.)

Menopause treatment is different
for every woman.

Hormone therapy used to be the standard treatment for menopause symptoms, but that's all changing. Patients now want choices and they want alternatives to hormones. (See Chapter 6, Every Woman Loves a Compliment.)

Many Women, Many Choices

No one likes to be sold...But, every woman likes to shop!

Many women have been sold on menopause solutions that don't work. "Feelin' Hot?" introduces the S.H.O.P. method. Women learn how to make the choices that are right for them to address their menopause symptoms.

More Good Information

As an added bonus, "Feelin' Hot?" also covers Weight Control Throughout Menopause (Chapter 7), Heart Disease, The Number One Killer (Chapter 8) and Understanding the Cause of Bone Loss (Chapter 9).

Readers Rave!

"A must read for women of all ages. I learned more from this book than I learned in a lifetime of living."
- Patricia Ann Bemis, RN, CEN,
President National Nurses in Business Association

"A humorous look at the serious issues and concerns of menopause."
- Eldred B. Taylor, MD Board of Certified Ob/Gyn.

"Thank you Rebecca. I received the books and my staff and patients have already devoured them! You present great information in a very easy to read and comprehend style."
- S. Hughes M.S., R.N., Nurse Practitioner

You Gotta Get This Book

Imagine being able to easily answer those burning menopause questions with your own personal mini-menopause manual. A how-to book that delivers reliable information that you didn't have to research yourself.

Rebecca Hulem has created a "gotta have" book for all women going through the change of life.

Affordably priced at $14.95, you can discover once and for all, just what is going on with your body... All for the price of a lunch.

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