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Celebrating You! 27 Tips for Vibrant and Successful Living

Isn't that what we all want. . . to live a vibrant and successful life?

Celebrating ourselves is good for us. It's good for our families, our friends and our communities - that positive energy is both life affirming and infectious. What better way to celebrate than to find little ways to indulge yourself and those you love? Women sometimes get so caught up in "taking care of" others that often we are the last to be cared for. Let's start with taking care of ourselves and each other. Here are some suggestions to get you started. As you go through this list, write down the ones that speak to you, as well as the ones you think of in your journal.

  1. What are you grateful for? Start a gratitude notebook (or section of your journal) and list all the things you are grateful for. Read it whenever you are feeling overwhelmed by life.

  2. Plant a tree in honor of someone you care about. Better yet, plant an orchard.

  3. Giving does wonders for yourself and others. Consider volunteering at your local school, senior center or library.

  4. Do you have a tub? Candles? Some quiet piano music? Can you say "aahhh"?

  5. Become a blood, organ and/or bone marrow donor.

  6. Daydream! This is vitally important.

  7. Manifest your life! Visualize what it is that you want. Get all the colors, smells and textures, emotions involved. Bring it to life. Remember we are what we think about.

  8. Be in silence.

  9. Send yourself flowers.

  10. Exercise! Being physically fit is the ultimate way to vibrant living!

  11. Make bubbles.

  12. Invest in yourself (savings or retirement account, education)!

  13. Go out into the night, away from the city lights and watch the meteor showers.

  14. Be outrageous in all that you do.

  15. Throw a party FOR your best friends.

  16. Don't wait for tomorrow.

  17. Invite a special friend and splurge on a good meal.

  18. Run through the sprinklers!

  19. Find a photo booth in a mall and take some fun pictures of yourself.

  20. Treat yourself to a spa day. Don't forget the pedicure.

  21. Learn to accept gifts from your friends.

  22. Have breakfast in bed.

  23. Have a belly laugh!

  24. Curl up, in front of the fire, with hot chocolate and a really good book.

  25. Volunteer at your local soup kitchen, food bank.

  26. Adopt a park, beach, or community space in your town.

  27. Be the first to venture outside after a snow storm.

             - 2004 Barbara C. Phillips, NP

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